At Bautista, we not only create Smartwatches; We create a story of family, dreams, entrepreneurship, tradition and style.

Bautista is the result of the shared dream of two brothers, Manuel Bautista and Pablo Bautista. Manuel, passionate about traditional watches and fashion, and Pablo, a technology expert who works on technology strategy projects.

The Bautistas have always been lovers of traditional watches, both in their daily lives and in their professional work. In recent years, smartwatches have gained ground thanks to their usefulness and functionality in modern life. However, these devices have been mainly focused on the sports field.

It was then that the Bautista brothers identified a need: they were finding it difficult to find a smartwatch that suited their style and clothing. In their professional environment, they observed people wearing elegant suits but wearing sports smartwatches with silicone straps that completely clashed.

Ultimately, they made the decision to create their own smartwatch with a focus on traditional styling. An elegant and versatile smartwatch, designed for everyday wear, casual wear and, at the same time, suitable for sports activities and special occasions. This is how Bautista was born, as the fusion of two passions: the appreciation for traditional watches and cutting-edge technology.

At Bautista, we not only create watches, but we weave stories of elegance, functionality and a style that adapts to every moment of your life. Join us on this journey where tradition and innovation converge to bring your unique style to life.